Information on the exon boundaries of SCN1A. Exons shown in black encode full-length adult Nav1.1. Regions shown in gray are non-coding (UTR) or refer to alternate isoforms (see also "Footnotes" below).

Exon boundaries


  1. Non-coding exons; part of the 5' untranslated region. See also Promoter & UTRs page.
  2. Mutually exclusive exons 5N (neonatal) and 5A (adult). The nucleic acid content of the both exons is distinct, but they differ in only 3 residues. For more information. See also Isoforms page.
  3. Alternative ends of exon 11 produce three different splice variants, encoding 11 or 28 fewer residues than the full-length SCN1A transcript. See also Isoforms page.
  4. Non-coding exons; part of the 3' untranslated region.


NA: nucleic acid, AA: amino acid